May 13, 2014

I am taking A&P 1 with lab, as well as Human  development Psychology this summer at CNM and was wondering if anyone has  any of the textbooks that go with these classes. Please email me if you do and are willing to loan them out.

I have taken several classes and have some other textbooks on hand. Before you buy check with me.

Rebecca H.

December 16, 2013

FREE - Jewelry for Girl

If you would like some extra stocking stuffers for a girl on your nice list, here you go!

1- Owl necklace and matching earrings

1 - Silver heart locket

If you want them, email me - sbikhazi(at)gmail.

November 29, 2013

Girl's Templo Necklace, great for sticking staffers.
Jeni Payne from Taylor Ranch sells these for 5.00 black or gray.
Text her  505-350 3835

November 23, 2013

Boy Scout Popcorn Volcano cliff ward

Popcorn, Popcorn come and get it.
Please come help support the Boy Scouts of Troop 336 today.
We are at Sams on Coors. We will be there from 8:30 until 4:30.
Even if you don't want any popcorn just drop by to encourage these great young men.

Thanks for all your support and love!!!

November 18, 2013

Holiday dresses

Are you looking for a cute, modest and affordable holiday dress for your sweet little girl or granddaughter?  Straight from the LA fashion district are 24+ modest dresses!  My mother has a hugs selection available and since we will be seeing them over Thanksgiving, I am able to save you shipping costs and bring dresses back for you.  To check out the inventory and selection go to her blog  
All dresses are machine washable, fully lined and most have a built in slip for fullness.  All orders will need to be in by Sunday evening and I will have them back in town by Monday Dec. 2nd.  Text or call me with questions 505-274-1027.  Thanks! Lisa Burk

October 23, 2013

Peel to Save cards

I am a huge fan of Krispy Kreme Donuts and Dairy Queen.  I get grumpy when I find out about fundraising coupons involving these brands too late so I'm posting this for my daughter.  Her MESA club is selling peel-to-save cards for $10 and they have several coupons for these sugary delicious stores (and more.)  Email me if you'd like to see the coupons- I have a pdf file of the card.  Thanks.
melissa dot lee dot spencer at gmail dot com

September 12, 2013

Irish dance Classes- New day!

The classes have been moved from Thursday to Wednesday!

Irish dance class for kids ages 5 and up starts this week on Wednesday from 4:15pm-4:55pm. It will be at my home, 10427 Box Canyon Pl. We will be learning solo dancing and team dancing as well as about Irish music. I have Irish danced since I was 5 and really enjoy it! Tuition is $32 a month (about $7 per class). Any questions, let me know! hillarymorgan82 at yahoo dot com.  505-720-1837.  Thanks!

September 11, 2013

Donations request

Hello sisters,
Does anyone has a couch, bed, vacuum and small table/chair to donate? I have a client that has a need for those items, she has three kids and her husband lost his job last week. They rent their couches where their kids sleep and most likely they have to taken them back because they can not afford the furniture rent due to the lost job.
Husband and wife have a disability that gets in the way to have ideal functionality in society.
Thank you
Dora Thomas
currently my husband serves in the Spanish branch, for those who do not know me.

September 9, 2013

Irish Dance Classes

Irish dance class for kids ages 5 and up starts this week on Thursday from 4:15pm-4:55pm. It will be at my home, 10427 Box Canyon Pl. We will be learning solo dancing and team dancing as well as about Irish music. I have Irish danced since I was 5 and really enjoy it! Tuition is $32 a month (about $7 per class). Any questions, let me know! hillarymorgan82 at yahoo dot com.  505-720-1837.  Thanks!

August 27, 2013

Dance Classes!

My name is Hillary Morgan and I will be starting dance classes for preschool age kids on Friday, September 6th at my house.  It will go from 9-9:40AM. Tuition is $32 a month (about $7 per class). Please call or text me if you are interested so I can have an idea of how many dancers we'll have this year. Any questions, let me know! 505-720-1837.  Thanks!

August 20, 2013

Little Tykes Picnic Table / Swing Set for sale

I am selling our Little Tykes picnic table with umbrella...Great condition. No cracks or fading and umbrella works great. Does have a little spray paint mist on table top. $35. 
Swing  You just have to come get it!
Heidi C. (morsyd at gmail dot com)

August 14, 2013

Cleaning out

Free Huge TV works fine. High Chair $20. Trampoline $25 used indoors only, 6 months old. Mini trampoline for under 40 pounds. Used indoors only $20. Bouncer chair $20. All in great shape. jsturner1@q (dot) com

July 30, 2013

Free headboard

Is anyone interested in this free headboard? Fits a full-sized bed.

Call Debbie in the Ventana Ward directory.

July 8, 2013

selling 2 twin beds and dinneroom set

125.00 each bed

Posted by Picasa

local guitar teacher in the market for new students

If you have been looking for someone to teach you how to rock out on the guitar then you might give Min (Marinda E.) a call.  She's 17, here in Ventana Ranch (in the Volcano Cliffs Ward), has played for years and is a fantastic guitarist.  She's at nine-0-three, 1-six-9-zero.

June 19, 2013

child carrier backpack?

Shannon P. (VC Ward directory) is looking to borrow a child carrier backpack for hiking. If you have one please contact her. Thanks.

June 16, 2013

Garage Sale Freebies

OK, garage sale done and I am donating the rest to Goodwill.  However, I would much rather give it away to people who want it.  So, if you are interested, my "garage" will be open to everyone from 8-10 tomorrow morning (Monday) and it's a free for all--take whatever you want!

June 10, 2013

Tuesday picnic at the park

Picnic at the park tomorrow at 10 at the park by Walgreens. Bring food to share in a cooler. We will eat closer to 11. Bring water balloons already filled if you'd like. Hope to see you there!

May 30, 2013

Incredible Hulk and Pioneer Trek

I am helping make some awards for the stake pioneer trek. I am looking for used incredible Hulk action figures and small used baby shoes. If you have either of these and are willing to part with them for good. I can come pick them up. please email me or give me a call two one four-three six four-seven six six two is my cell number or gehreh at sbcglobal dot net
Rebecca H.

May 29, 2013

Trek and Philmont training hike- La Luz Trail

Just wanted to remind for those who are coming on the hike today of a few things.
We are meeting at the Stake center at 8:30am please be on time. We want to start up the trail no later then 9:15am. Things to remember to bring; sunscreen, 3 water bottles, snacks and a sack lunch, backpack to carry your stuff in, $3.00 cash if you are driving you have to pay to park, cash if you want to buy a snack at the top. They charge $2.00 to refill water bottles. Dress in layers it is very cold at the top. If you have any questions call Hawthorne or email at gehreh at sbcglobal dot net

May 24, 2013

Golden Spikes Track Camp: 7/8/13- 7/13/13

Looking for the kids to do something this Summer? This week long Summer camp will teach your child the meaning of running and the fun it comes with. Volcano Vista runners will train and coach your child. The cost for the week long camp is $20 per child. The cost includes coaching, snacks, and a small track meet which will be held at the end of the week. The camp is open for children who are 6-12 years of age. We accept any one who just wants to come out and have fun or improve their running skills. We will meet July 8th, 2013- July 13th, 2013 at the Volcano Vista track from 10:00am-12:00pm. Discounts will be made for those who bring 3 kids or more. (10 dollars per child, if you bring 3 or more kids). If you're interested, call Hunter at 505-359-1385 or email him at This camp will open new doors and opportunities to your child. They will definitely be hooked with running by the end of this camp.

May 22, 2013

Sewing get together for Trek

Just wanted to remind all the Pioneer trek participants that we are having a sewing get together at Heidi C. house from 3-6pm bring your own material. We will be sewing bonnets and aprons. If you have any questions email Rebecca H. at gehreh at sbcglobal dot net

May 20, 2013

Hey Ladies,
Below are some of the resources I'll be mentioning and using for my class on Meal Planning at the Additional Relief Society Meeting for the Volcano Cliffs Ward on 5/21/13.

step by step guide on how to menu plan using google calendar

daily docket with "what's for dinner" section 

meal planning done for you- follow someone

pay ~$5/month for someone else to plan your meals with seasonal organic foods

general how to plan meals guidelines:

Hope you can come to the class!  Ventana building, 7 PM.

May 15, 2013

Money Smarts class tomorrow!

I will be having a Provident Living class at my house tomorrow, Thursday night, 7pm. The topic is "Why it's important to teach our kids about money, and some tips on how to do it." Please come! (Volcano Cliffs ward, you're invited too if you're interested!) My house is in the gated community in Ventana West. Call if you need more information: two zero five - one two nine four Lisa Justice

May 13, 2013

Scholastics Warehouse sale now thru May 25

Calling all School Employees, School District Personnel, Homeschool Directors & Teachers, and Book Fair Chair People & Volunteers! The Scholastic Warehouse Book Spring Sale is now started. The website offers preregistration with a Fast Pass coupon to be used on your purchases. I have attended for years and it is a great way to pick up books for summer reading and gifts. There are adult books as well. Besides children’s books the sale includes: Klutz craft and activity items, cookbooks, adult bestsellers, and much more. If you have attended a Scholastic Book Fair at your school, you will have an idea of what you might find at this sale. Click Here for the flier for our store.